23 May 2012

Monetary break dance

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  1. "A sad goodbye to Austrian gangster rappers Trackshittaz, just for having a brilliant name and a song that was apparently about wiggling your bum, but which sounded more like something that would have Mozart spinning in his grave. A not-so-sad goodbye to Montenegro, however, and their dreadful funk-rap sung by a middle-aged man called Rambo Amadeus, accompanied by some political slogans and a wooden horse."

    Hahaha ;D Dopada mi se i kako su sredili i našeg demokratski izabranog predstavnika:

    "So far as the semi-final's numerous piano ballads go, you should pay special attention to Serbia and Estonia. They are, respectively: Paradise by Coldplay performed by a depressed game show host, and something you'd hear on a garden centre CD called Nondescript Moods. But they're apparently very popular."