22 Dec 2012

George Shultz o Evropi

Prenosim vam zanimljiv video izlaganja Georga Shultza o stanju u Evropi i razlikama između EU i SAD. Uvek me je oduševljavala jednostavnost s kojom Shultz govori o bitnim temama. Inače ko ne zna ko je čovek, odmah na Wiki da pročita. Shultz je bio državni sekretar za vreme Ronalda Reagana i kao takav imao veoma važnu geo-političku ulogu u 80im godinama. Smatram da je on jedna od najvažnijih figura u okončanju Hladnog rata, pobedi demokratije u Evropi i guranju tržišnih reformi u SAD za vreme Reagana.

Preneo bih još citat iz videa koji sjajno ilustruje politički gridlock u kojem se danas Evropa nalazi:
"The euro, the exchange rate system, it is important. Now we are in the position of saying instead of having currency cross-rates change to accommodate changes (in real economy), we are telling people that they have to take 20% cuts in pay. Sorry folks that doesn't go! That is politically explosive as we could see. And it is not necessary, there are ways. The European monetary system worked well. So, what we now see is a kind of scrambling, rambling business, with all kinds of ideas put up, and all the ideas in the end wind up meaning the Germans should give some money to people. And it is just different ways of phrasing it and constructing it, but that it's what it comes down to. And after while that runs out of steam. And the austerity prescriptions tell people to tear their societies apart when they are already overcommitted because of the ageing societies. They made to many promises already which they can't keep, just as we have in United States."

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